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Commercial Package


Throughout our 14 years tenure in business, SPACE has provided long term maintenance solutions to many business owners in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman. We take pride on the quality and diversity of the projects we have been involved in.

In our efforts to always strive for excellence we have developed our own unique Standard Operating Procedure, which enables us to streamline and deliver high quality of service to our clients. There’s no need to manage multiple vendors. You’re designated, “Single Point of Contact” will coordinate and monitor the provision of all services, so you can focus on your responsibilities.

We custom tailor our services and personnel to fit to your specifications. As time goes on, we reassess your ever evolving needs to ensure our programs are always in line with those needs. Space simple ways of dealing which not only helps in easier understanding of the services but helps the customer to save time and money.


Type of Contracts

  • Yearly Maintenance Contract – Comprehensive
  • Yearly Maintenance Contract – In-Comprehensive
  • Yearly Maintenance Contract – Pre-evaluated
  • Yearly Maintenance Contract – On-call Basis


Duct Cleaning, Pest Control, Firefighting, Masonry And False Ceiling Works.
AMC plans inclusive of materials and spare parts also available