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Q: What is a home maintenance program?
A: Whether you live at the beach or you own a second home, you are likely to need maintenance done at your home annually. Whether it’s carpentry, plumbing or electric, it’s always hard to find a contractor to take care of or respond to small jobs. A home maintenance program provides:


  • Annual maintenance review of your home in writing with digital pictures by a professional tradesman.
  • Unlimited call outs (Depending upon the plan that have taken)
  • 24 hour emergency service.
  • Guaranteed response within 24 hours of your call for non-emergency.
  • Peace of mind for home repairs.
  • One call – One source – All your maintenance needs!


Q: What kind of packages do you offer?
A: Our package offerings can be viewed on our Services page for more information.


Q: How can I save money by having a maintenance contract?
A: Savings can be over five times the cost of the annual contract. Our annual home evaluations reveal roof leaks, improper wall flashing, window leaks and doors leaks that can be fixed and maintained to insure against evasive water intrusion that can lead to thousands of dirhams to repair. We also check all your faucets and toilets to make sure that there is no running water or leaks that cause high water bills. We make you aware of problems that the average home owner would never see until the problem works its way to the inside of your home. A maintenance program will protect your investment inside and out.


Q: Does Space Home Maintenance do repairs?
A: Yes, we will evaluate the problem, give you our best recommendation for repairs and develop a plan with you to repair the problem.


Q: Do a lot of homes need repairs?
A: Yes, 80% of all homes need some type of maintenance on an annual basis. In fact, homes in the coastal areas need even more attention to maintain a well-structured home due to the water damage and Northeast winds. Some things included in our maintenance programs are:


  • Checking weather stripping at doors
  • Checking handrails to make sure they are fastened securely
  • Checking gutters and downspouts to prevent water damage
  • Checking for running faucets
  • Checking roof flashing at plumbing vents
  • Checking of AC and ensuring they are running in prime condition to withstand the harsh climate of the desert.


Q: What is the advantage of preventive maintenance over repairing items as needed?
A: Studies have shown that preventive maintenance is many times more cost effective than reactive maintenance after something has failed. Not only do you greatly reduce the likelihood of a catastrophic failure causing major damage to your home and possible harm to a loved one, but everything is kept working as it should and trouble free for as long as possible. We truly believe that the Space preventive maintenance program lowers the total cost of home ownership. Identifying, and dealing with, a problem when it is small and simple to correct provides tremendous dividends compared to the alternative of dealing with a much larger expense once systems and components have completely failed. One goal of the Space Program is to push off ‘repair and replacement’ as long as possible, which in turn lowers the overall cost of home ownership for our customers.


Q: I own a new home, why would I need your service?
A: Owning a new home is even more of a reason to take advantage of the Space Maintenance Plan. A new home is one of the largest investments people make in their lifetime. The Space plan will keep all of the new components of your home working smoothly and safely thereby maintaining that new home feel for as long as possible. By utilizing proper maintenance now, you will avoid any nasty home inspection surprises should you decide to sell your home in the future. There is no better time to begin maintaining your home’s value, safety, and appearance than when new.
The maintenance needs of a new home are the same as the maintenance needs of an older home. The difference in the condition of a new home and an older home is usually the amount of deferred maintenance that has not been done in many older homes. A good maintenance program implemented as soon as possible when a home is new should maintain a like-new condition for many years to come.
Air Conditioning Questions


Q: Why is it important to have annual maintenance on my air conditioning system?
A: It is very important to have your annual maintenance performed in order to keep your warranty in effect. Most manufacturers state in their terms that annual maintenance must be performed by a qualified technician. Also, keeping your equipment maintained will ensure that it is operating at peak efficiency.


Q: Should I have my ducts cleaned?
A: Having your duct system cleaned can be beneficial in improving your indoor air quality. Even new construction homes can benefit by a duct cleaning to have drywall dust and debris and other construction dust removed from your ventilation. Older homes, especially those which have never had a duct cleaning before, will benefit by decreasing the amount of contaminants spread through your home.


Q: How often should I clean or replace my air filters?
A: A good rule of thumb is to clean or replace your air filters every month. If you use the disposable filters, it is important that you do not reuse them as tiny particulates will clog the pores and reduce airflow through your heating and air conditioning system. Higher quality washable or electrostatic filters should still be checked monthly and should be completely dry before returning them. Since the air in our homes is much more contaminated than the air outside, taking good care of your filters is a good way to improve your indoor air quality.
Plumbing Questions


Q: What should I do if I have a plumbing leak?
A: If it is a major leak you should immediately shut off the water at the main and call one of our Master Plumbers. Be careful if the leak is near any electronics or power sources. If at all possible, disconnect or shutoff the break to the affected area immediately.