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Villa Premium Plan

As a proud home owner who requires nothing but the best, SPACE is proud to introduce the industry leading maintenance package with a guarantee of best price in its category.




  1. 4 times AC servicing will be provided in a year.
  2. For your peace of mind, there is no fixed number of calls in a month or year. You may call us 100 times; no extra charges will be levied.
  3. A personalized account manager will be assigned to you who will take care of all your requirements such as planning of preventive maintenance checks, maintenance status reports, additional services if required, reactive maintenance and most importantly ensuring customer satisfaction.
  4. 45 days money back guarantee offer* in which if you are not satisfied with our services, we will pay back the contract amount to you.
  5. Flexible payment terms
  6. Cleaning services
  • Yearly tank cleaning
  • Outside façade washing every six months
  • External windows once a month
  • Deep cleaning of kitchen once a year
  • Quarterly grills and diffuser cleaning
  • Pest control once a year
  • Normal call attending – 3-4 hours from the time of receiving of complaint if the complaint is received before 1300 hours otherwise the same day if possible or the next day.
  • Emergency complaint response time is 1-2 hours.


Services Include


1. AC Maintenance


  • Providing free routine preventive servicing using pressure wash system of all machines.
  • Checking of all electrical controls
  • Pressure washing of coils
  • Checking of refrigerant pressure and topping up (Free of charge)
  • Lubrication of fan motors, fan bearings


2. Electrical Maintenance


  • Regular, routine annual maintenance of complete electrical circuits, electrical points of the entire premises, LV panels capacitor banks, halogens, spotlights, exhaust fans etc.
  • Fault locating and repairing
  • Inspecting / checking of circuit breakers and ensure their proper functioning.


3. Plumbing and sanitary maintenance


  • Regular routine plumbing complaints, water leaks.
  • Repairing of valves, hoses and connectors.
  • Routine inspection of water pumps, pressure pumps, plumbing fittings etc.
  • Repairing of external leaks in pipes.
  • Water heater repairing.
  • Repair (Where possible) of sanitary ware fittings such as faucets, valves, water closet mechanism and attention to drainage problems.


4. Carpentry and Aluminum


  • Repairs of fly screens, windows and doors
  • Repair of broken catches, hinges, drawer slides to fixed cabinets and fixed cupboards
  • Repair of door catches, locks and hinges
  • Repairing of aluminum work.


5. Masonry


  • Application of silicone wherever required.
  • Fixing of Isolated tiles.
  • Minor grouting work.


6. Pest Control


7. Cleaning Services


  • Yearly tank cleaning
  • Outside façade washing every six months.
  • External windows once a month
  • Deep cleaning of kitchen once a year
  • Quarterly grills and diffuser cleaning


Terms & Conditions


  • Four routine AC services will be provided in a year.
  • The client will provide water and electricity.
  • This contract covers labour charges only.
  • Garden Irrigation system (Sprinklers) is not covered in this contract.
  • Renewal of any insulation material or duct work is not covered in this contract.
  • In case of any spare parts, motors repair, compressor etc., the same would be charged extra upon approval from the client.
  • In case of compressor breakdown (under warranty), gas charging and other related consumables would be charged upon approval from the client.
  • External / internal pest control will be done only upon receiving request from customer.
  • This contract does not cover loss or damage caused by any type of voltage fluctuations, short circuiting, compressor or motor serial number discrepancy, any change in installation position without prior intimation to us, any natural calamity etc.
  • This contract is not transferable and change in ownership will automatically put an end to the contract with immediate effect.
  • The contract fee is payable as per previously agreed terms. Regarding payment of spare parts etc. (as and when need arises), the same has to be paid immediately on completion of job to our authorized representative.
  • The contract will automatically stand terminated if the machine has been attended to or repaired by any outside mechanic and also if the installation position has been changed without prior intimation to us.
  • We shall not be responsible for any damage / defect caused by way of routine periodical cleaning and washing of the machine (air filter pads etc.) by your representative.
  • Breaking of tiles / false ceiling / concrete walls is not included in the contract.
  • Painting work is not included in the contract.
  • Duct cleaning, grills and diffusers cleaning are not covered under routine maintenance scope.
  • Major job related to MEP and civil works is not included in this contract.
  • The 45 days money back guarantee offer is valid for only 45 days from the date of signing the contract and applicable only for the work mentioned below.


Duct Cleaning, Pest Control, Firefighting, Masonry, False Ceiling Works.
AMC plans inclusive of materials and spare parts also available
*Site Survey